Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas 2007

Wilson Christmas Party:

Reese, Jordan & Tori the three princesses enjoyed the party stealing the show with their girlie charm.

Durven modeled his new camo gear for the family during the gift exchange, go Durv!

The kids crawled all over their Grandma & Grandpa Wilson sharing kisses and slober.

Christmas Morning @ Grandma & Grandpa Long's

Grandpa kept saying that he was going to get Jordan anything she wanted even a pony! Much to my suprise he did get her a pony, one that moves and talks and goes to bed when you take the batteries out, horray!

My little sister got Cameron and I a puzzle to put together that ended up being a picture that we had taken together in high school, thanks Becca!

Christmas, early afternoon at Grandma & Grandpa Bailey's

Jordan wasn't spoiled or anything! She didn't just get one pony for Christmas she got two! Her Aunts Hannah & Clairissa played with her while she rocked back and fowarth on her animated rocking horse.
Grandma Bailey watched her grand kids & great grand kids faces light up as they opened their presents.

Jordan was glued to her Uncle Tyler while she was opening her present from her Aunt Laurel.

After presents we took a short car ride up the hill to see Grandma & Grandpa Wilson. Clairissa sang a song for everyone, it was beautiful! Then it was back to the house for some Farmopoly!

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