Friday, January 30, 2009

Two people fell in love, Our Wedding & Honeymoon

In 2005 when we decided to begin ride this crazy rollercoaster called life together.
Julia, my sister-in-law took some amazing engagement pictures for us.

My mom helped me pickout
a dress and I showed off my
new bling for the camera.

My Grandpa walked me down the isle & my Dad did the ceremony. I wasn't the only one with tears in my eyes by the end of the ceremony, yep I'm a daddys girl. Cameron's uncle Durven DJ'd our wedding making it fun and memorable not just for us but for everyone that came. As Durven said our new life together started with an act of trust, cutting the cake. It was a sign of things to come, there was love, and frosting all over our faces.

Cameron's best man was his best friend Robert, he didn't loose the rings, go Rob!
Cameron's grooms men were his brothers & his best friends from High School: CJ & Aaron, Chase, Spencer & Pat.
My maid of honor was my little sister who did her best to keep bridezilla from emerging, thanks!
My bridesmaids were my new sisters & my best friend: Laurel, Sarah, Hannah, Clairissa & Nikki.

My family the Long's & the Weast's flew in from California to spend the day with us, it was nice to have my family there!

Cameron's large family the Bailey's & the Wilson's came and rocked the house with their awsome dancing!

It was an amazing day spent with wonderful people, it was a fun romantic start to our journey!

Cameron kept the location of our Honeymoon a secret until we were at the hotel on our wedding night. He had me thinking that we were going to iceland to see Eric the Red, we did see him but it was in sunny Florida at Epcot. We explored the Animal Kingdom where Cam got sick from their turkey legs. I screamed, much to Cameron's delight, on The Tower of Terror at MGM. We played at the Magic Kingdom and got woozy on the virtual rolacoaster at Down Town Disney. We relaxed at the hotel and soaked up the sun at the pool. Cameron was like a little kid at the Kenedy Space Center where we toured Space Ships and had the icecream of the future. (Dip-N-Dots) We braved the cold and spent some time strolling on the beach. After plenty of time shopping and simply enjoying eachothers company we flew home to return to the real world to start our lives together.

Left over wedding cake, yummy :)

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