Friday, January 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2007

Turkey Bowl: Jordan stayed all bundled up and played in her little saucer while the Wilsons + A Lot of friends played Football! It was a little cold but it was fun! Robert brought a hot date to the game, it was cute, the man is smitten!

We all ate tons of turkey and then looked through the adds for the next days sales!

Warning: It may be hazerdous to your health to touch anything but the done pile, lesson learned, fingers intact!

Dinner @ The Long's

My dad and my sister played nice just long enough for my mom to take a picture. He loves teasing her, take the most annoying big brother you can think of and that's my dad: teasing, pinching, touching your stuff, putting mashed potatoes in your cup when you're not looking, you know typical 14 year old boy stuff. Just look at his face, you can tell he's up to no good! We fed Jordan mashed potatoes for the first time and it didn't go so well, they sprayed back out all over he dad! We switched to sweet potatoes, those stayed in better but she wasn't so sure about the texture. The evening ended quietly in front of a cozy fire playing chicken foot with dominos.

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